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The beaches of Ranquet and Romaniquette arrange all the arrangements and the conveniences to spend of pleasant days in the sun in family or between friends.
Take advantage of your stay and your summer holidays to stroll at the water's edge and benefit from sports and cultural facilities: first-aid post, grounds of beach and of petanque, library of beach, open-air dance hall...
Plage de la Romaniquette à Istres


Located to the east of the city, near the historic centre, Plage de la Romaniquette is a large budding beach (7,300m2), thanks to the quality of the area, view of the Étang de Berre and its convenient entrance. Its design and well-equipped area welcomes a large number of summer holidaymakers and provides a wide range of activities.

It has many wonderful facilities, providing absolute comfort and convenience:
- Car park with 50 parking spaces
- An educational trail through the reed bed, featuring the wetlands
- Picnic and game areas: bowls and beach volleyball
- Floating platforms anchored 2.5m deep for swimmers
- Handicap accessible entrance and parking
- First aid station and portable toilet facilities
- Bowling pitch and beach volleyball
- Beach library

Open to the public (supervised swimming) from June to September.

Beach library designed by Matali Crasset:
In partnership with Centre Design Marseille Provence, a beach library was made available on Plage de la Romaniquette. Boaters can take out books for free, from a selection of 350 works. Novels, comic books, publications and magazines for readers aged 7 to 77 were given to the town of Istres by the local public library to “feed” this beach library. Two assistants from the Tourist Office of Istres are available everyday from 11am to 8pm during July and August to run the library and assist readers with their choices.


Plage du Ranquet à Istres


The Plage du Ranquet beach stretches 1,850m2 to the southeast of the city and is one the area’s key features. Its layout as well as the design of its surroundings strengthens the site’s family aspect.

The various facilities that make up the beach are perfectly designed to share relaxing and pleasant moments in the sun: picnic areas, floating platforms, entrance and parking adapted for people with disabilities, first-aid station and portable toilet facilities.

Open to the public (supervised swimming) from June to September.

  • Plage Romaniquette Istres
  • Plage du Ranquet Istres
  • Plage du Ranquet Istres
  • Plage de la Romaniquette à Istres
  • Plage de la Romaniquette à Istres
  • Plage de la Romaniquette à Istres