L'etang de l'Olivier & his water jet

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The etang de l’Olivier is a central place in Istres, a landscaped jewel in the town.


A 220 hectare lagoon, linked to the etang de Berre by the Cascaveau canal, the étang de l'Olivier and its pedestrian footpath, is perfect for relaxation and a stroll, whatever time of year.
Located in the heart of the town, the lagoon is surrounded by various tourist attractions, such as the Saint Sulpice Chapel, with its excellent exhibitions, the Mediterranean Garden and the dinosaur hill, Dinosaur'Istres

The big events take place on the banks of the lagoon: the jeudis étoilés, fireworks, ‘faites du sport’...
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The water jet on the etang de l'Olivier reaches a record 50 metres. Created in 2008, the Water Jet is unique in France due to its height, technical innovation and aesthetic prowess. 
An immense liquid flag, it symbolises the vitality of the town of Istres. It also helps oxygenate the etang de l’Olivier.

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The preserved ecosystem is formed of reed beds and small sapphire coloured cliffs which shelter many birds and fish. As this freshwater lagoon is very well populated, it is a favourite among anglers. There are mullets, eels, carp, roach, perch, pike perch and pike. Please note, a national fishing permit is required to be able to fish here. 
You can also see typical sports from the region being practised on the lagoon, such as Provençal jousting, a traditional sport which requires strength and skill, or traditional rowing.
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Some curious animals have made their home on the banks of the etang de l’Olivier and on the Castellan hill. Dinosaur’Istres, is a park where you really can walk among the great figures of the Dinosaurs. Dinosaur'Istres is an exceptional site with around twenty life-size species represented along a route following their chronological appearance on earth, accompanied by information panels on each species and on general themes. Dinosaur’Istres offers a fun and informative walk for all ages.

Directly linked to the etang de l'Olivier, you can also see Daniel Zanca’s floating sea urchins on the water, stroll through the Art Zoo, the artistic bestiary, or admire the exhibitions at the Saint Sulpice chapel.
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DINOSAUR'ISTRES, a walk among the ‘great figures’ of the Dinosaurs in Istres, in the Castellan hill forest, a recognised site for remarkable archaeology and Provençal biodiversity.
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