Virtuoso explorations

Cultural Exhibition Visual/graphic arts Contemporary art Digital art

From Thursday 18 April to Sunday 16 June 2024

Every day

Location : Polaris Centre d'Art


"EXPLORATIONS VIRTUOSES" showcases two digital artists
Thibault Brunet and Tabita Rezaire. The exhibition is part of Nuit des musées and Printemps de l'art contemporain.
The theme of Polaris, linked to utopian exploration, is reflected in the the presentation of digital works questioning the notion of environment from a cultural, historical (past, present and future) and intimate intimate dimension.
The work of Thibault Brunet's residency (in 2022/2023) will be staged within the art center to reveal a sculpture-book and digital prints. and digital prints. An interpretation in relief of the landscape
transformed into a graphic space and a cliff sculpture in 3D.
He uses the resulting images to quantify and qualify time,
a rhythm of urban wear and tear that the artist freezes. Thibault reworks facades, dives beneath the ground, as if some answer, some discovery could be found there. Through this renewed
landscape, Thibault Brunet seeks to position himself as an observer
as an observer, adopting the perspective of an archaeologist of the future, in order to rethink local territories in a global and political dimension.

For this "Virtuoso Explorations" exhibition, Tabita Rezaire offers us a video installation: Deep Down Tidal from the Musée des Abattoirs* collection. She to reconnect with water and the underwater environment. At Indeed, the artist draws an analogy between the flow of water and the flow of the Internet, and draws us into the flow of her video narrative.
At a time when modern information technologies are becoming
ubiquitous in our contemporary lifestyles, it is urgent for the for the artist to understand the cultural, political and environmental forces environmental forces that have shaped them. By observing the network of fiber optic cables that transfer our digital data in real time our digital data in real time, the artist notes that their geographical overlap with historic colonial sea routes. colonial sea routes.
  • Accessibility criteria for people with reduced mobility :
    • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
  • Accessibility Criteria for Hearing Impairment :
    • Hearing disability
Event Organizer
Polaris - Centre d'Art
Phone : +33 4 42 55 17 10
Polaris Centre d'Art
Place Patricia Tranchand
Forum des Carmes
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French


Free of charge.


Place Patricia Tranchand
Forum des Carmes
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.512902
Longitude : 4.988021
Located in the city center

Bus station : Bus stop at 0.7km
Departmental 5 : Departmental road at 3km
Marseille Provence (Marignane): Airport/Airfield at 40km
A55 (Coming from Marseille): Highway exit at 15km
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Every day

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