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Patrimony & Monuments

The water jet

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The jet of water from the pond of the olive tree, located in more than 80 metres from the seafront in the Cove of the Castellan, reached a record height of 50 meters. Huge flag liquid, it embodies the ambition and the vitality of a city respectful of its environment and turned towards the future. It also helps to facilitate the oxygenation of the pond of the sole Olivier in France!Technical innovation the water jet is installed on a chassis of 6 metres, surrounded by 50 cm below the level of the water for a better integration in the pond. This metal structure, stainless steel, weighs 2200 pounds. The water column is powered by a pump with a power equivalent to 125 horsepower, 3.5 meters under water. Aesthetic prowess the water jet is lit the night by a beam of 14 projectors. 8 projectors diffuse white light directly in the column. 6 projectors installed on the float Alternatively diffuse red, green or blue light. In numbers average height of the Jet: 50 meters water output speed: 120 km/h flow rate: 80 litres/second pump with a total output of 92,000 watts of lighting power: 2100 watts
Directions to :
Etang de l'Olivier
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.519466
Longitude : 4.987589
The water jet
Etang de l'Olivier
Phone : +33 4 13 29 50 00