The ship of Suffren

Historic site and monument


Registered as historical monuments on July 23, 2009, this stone vessel lies on the banks of the etang de Berre, on the back of the nautical base of clear hours.By erecting this monument on the cliff of Saint-Pierre (then name) around 1785, the Roch of Regis Jesuit wished to pay tribute to his kinsman, the Bailli de Suffren bold who became famous on the seas. This Rock long 23 meters wide by 5 meters and 6.50 metres heavily degraded, it is today difficult to trace the engraving of François-Denis born (circa 1795), which inspired Roch of Regis to shape his work.Premises owners, the cave of the Régis Abbot and the bastide covering the underground Church (Chapel St Pierre) nearby, the Regis, having no seed, Laurent de Suffren, who inherited the property of his brothers-in-law. Married Marguerite-Jeanne of Regis January 17, 1748, Laurent de Suffren, Salon Knight, inherited property that had at Istres Regis, whose kinship with the bailiff is not established.The corniche of Suffren, mas de Suffren at Entressen, yet maintain the memory of this illustrious family in our city.Attention however, the access to this historical monument is unfortunately prohibited and inaccessible because considered dangerous. The cliff is now very unstable, all access to the monument are prohibited.Security and site reclamation projects are mentioned for several years.
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The ship of Suffren
Chemin Du bateau de Suffren
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Le Bateau de Suffren
Chemin Du bateau de Suffren
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