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Carol, #WeIstres ambassador and employee at the Tourist Office, tells you about her crush, her favorite place: the magnificent port of Heures Claires. With passion and poetry !


My favorite place in Istres is undoubtedly the Port des Heures Claires.

With its location and accessibility, it seems to be secret, out of sight, out of traffic ... Its small houses and old cabins, inherited from the advent of paid vacations where residents came for vacationing, give it a atypical aspect, a little out of time. Moreover, their doctrine: "Fai pas bon travaia when the cigalo canto" still resonates there.

And she is also a bit like my Madeleine de Proust, when I was young, I did skip school to join a lover by going through the stairs that linked the Educational and Cultural Center to the port. I almost never missed the opportunity to climb on the Suffren boat because I felt like I was doing something extraordinary, a little magical (I did well to take advantage of it because this access has long been is prohibited to the public ...).
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In any season, it is pleasant to stroll there.
In winter, you can enjoy the view of the Etang de Berre which sometimes breaks out, becomes gray and threatening but always magnificent.
In the first fine days, we stop there on the beautiful GR2013 hike, which goes to Ranquet, to discover the awakening nature.
In the fall, we stroll near the sailboats to listen to their halyards and shrouds tinkle before going to lunch with family or friends in one of the restaurants in the port: L'artiste, L'atelier, L'abricotier or Les Heures Claires.
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In summer, wearing the clear hours becomes the starting point for paddle boarding, sailboat or sightseeing boat trips or for the practice of more unusual water activities such as paddle polo or paddle yoga.

For my part, I tried paddle yoga and a kayak trip last summer. I thought it was awesome! This body of water is just magnificent. What a joy to practice an activity there in the morning! There is no noise, except that of choppings and cicadas, it is the ideal moment to disconnect from everyday life and focus on yourself, it could sound like meditation. It did me a lot of good! And if, like me, you have a little luck, you might come across one of the last istrean fishermen to come back from his fishing.
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The port of the clear hours is therefore a calm and charming place but do not think that nothing ever happens there and that it does not know how to slaughter.

Once a year, it delights bargain hunters with nautical fleas and sea urchins are organized there every year. The bar "Le 3.14" also regularly offers entertainment and musical evenings, especially in season.
In short, you will understand, it's my favorite place in Istres!
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