The most beautiful views of Istres




Istres is a town between a lake and a hill which offers extraordinary views over magnificent natural landscapes.

The Colline Saint-Etienne

Without a doubt, THE point of view not to be missed during its visit to Istres.
Beyond the fact that this hill shelters the Provençal chapels of Saint-Etienne and Saint-Michel, it offers a remarkable panorama on the ponds of Berre and the Olive tree and on the nature of Istre. You can even admire the Sainte Victoire there.
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The Corniche de Suffren

The view over the Etang de Berre is magnificent. The entire expanse of the "sea" of Berre before your eyes. You will be able to appreciate the belvedere allowing you to apprehend the surroundings.

The belvedere of Bolles

From this location, you will enjoy an admirable aerial view of the Port des Heures Claires. By walking a little further towards the other side, this time it is the beach of Romaniquette that you can admire below

From the Notre Dame de Beauvoir church

After a beautiful walk leading you to the top of the historic center of the city, you will see the Olivier pond and its water jet, but also the HBMs and the Castellan hill.

Entressen pond

On the edge of Crau, in the middle of the wet Crau and the entressenois farmhouses, you can admire the natural pond of Entressen which offers a clear view of the Alpilles.

Bonus: the Miouvin hill

You have to climb but it is worth a look. Certainly!
After a long climb from the Chemin de Sorbes (which can be picked up from the Chemin du Tour de l'Étang), you will reach a remarkable spot which offers the advantage of having a full view of the pond of the Olivier and its 220 ha. In the background, the pond of Berre.
You can even appreciate the large expanses of agriculture in Crau on the other side.

Now it's up to you to judge and live your experience in Istres!