The 11 good reasons to come to Istres

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Istres is full of treasures. Top 10 good reasons to come to #Istres !


Because you had to choose between land and sea, but you didn't succeed! Istres is 5 ponds but also a typically Provençal historic center.

You are right between the beaches and the Provençal hills or the water sports and the Provencal markets after all it is too difficult to choose


Because in Istres we take care of the old, the vestiges of our past will always remain present, as evidenced by our old medieval center.


Because we know how to keep Provençal traditions alive through time and modernity. Our beautiful celebration of Shepherds and Traditions attests to this.


Because a network of well-developed, quality accommodation, restaurants and services is waiting for you! Words of experts!


Because in Istres you never get bored! The city is one of the most dynamic in the department in terms of events and entertainment!


Because Istres is becoming the most unusual of holiday clubs with the Tourism Club: guided tours, unusual discoveries, nautical activities ...


Because in Istres, sport is for everyone, at all ages and in all places of the city. Top-level infrastructure and often free! Sorry but here it's up to you :)


Because we have one of the biggest air bases in Istres. In the event of natural disasters or extraterrestrial invasions, it can help !


Because contemporary art is available to you! Unusual works and parks that embellish the city, and a free art center. All this in the city center !


Because by staying in Istres, you save money while being less than 40 minutes from the major tourist sites of the department !

And you, what is your good reason for coming to Istres?