Our 5 places to go running in Istres





Benoît, #WeIstres ambassador and employee at the Tourist Office, is also a passionate sportsman, lover of running. As summer approaches, you mustn't let go. He therefore offers you the top 5 places to stretch your legs in Istres and eliminate the excesses of winter delicacies!

From Romaniquette beach to Hours Claires harbor

To get the air of the pond, run on the coastal path.
Those with more legs can continue towards the pine forest of the 4 winds;)

 +: the stop at the Romaniquette beach to stretch and quench your thirst

The pine forest of the 4 winds

In the shade of the pines with nature and the Berre lake as your only horizon!

 +: the Deven connected sports route to complete your session.

Around the pond of Olivier

A hilly route between landscaped banks and roads. Near 8 km around the jewel of the heart of the city.

 +: the sports routes on the banks of the Olivier pond.
Beware of the passage on the path around the pond because this road is frequented by motorists. Equip yourself (fluorescent outfit ...)

Saint Etienne hill and the GR 2013

Elevation and a difficult route for the most athletic and lovers of nature races. 
+: the magnificent landscapes available to you along the route


The athletic stadium of the Educational and Cultural Center

The ideal to start on the flat and measure its progress. Or for split sessions.

 +: a high quality track