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Patrimony & Monuments

Oppidum of the Castellan

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The oppiudm of the Castellan is a rocky promontory in the southern part of the pond of the olive tree. A place full of history that offers a magnificent view on the city and the pond.Its dimensions are about 250 meters wide on 500 meters long with a maximum height of 40 metres. To access the top of the site (outside), you need to take the path located on the East side. It likely replaced an ancient staircase carved into the rock. Near the Summit, you can distinguish a Gallic rock inscription engraved on a rock wall. You can read the word "MATPON" with ligation of the M and the A. It is an invocation to the Mother Goddess, according to scientists.You can also discover the traces of a path to rut. The site was occupied by Viemme century Jésus BC until the early middle ages. The culmination of the Castellan, housed the burial and the skeleton of a man of high stature for its time (1.80 meter). The landscaped itinerary "Les jardins de l'Etang" you will discover this charge history site.
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Chemin De Castellan
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Oppidum of the Castellan
Chemin De Castellan
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