Messe en provençal et Grand défilé de la transhumance

Traditions and folklore Alpine meadows/grazing Pilgrimage and procession

Sunday 26 November 2023

Location : Divers lieux


Closing day of the Shepherds and Traditions festival in Istres! On the program: mass in Provencal and procession to the domain of Sulauze in the morning, big parade of the transhumance in the city center and closing show in the afternoon.
TransHumance is a shared artistic experience that will leave a temporary imprint on the landscape as we travel together through towns and villages at a leisurely pace. The word itself calls up images of cross-border journeys, changing seasons and the ties between people and animals. It is about migration, memory, mobility and multiplicity.
These ideas have all contributed to a poetic and metaphoric
project. By travelling together for a while, we can break down the
barriers that divide us. This unprecedented movement of people and animals will be an artistic and poetic event with many implications.
TransHumance will create its own map based on the region’s Euro-Mediterranean heritage. Morocco and Italy will be the guests of honour.
In addition, walkers, riders and carriages will travel to the region
from the rest of Europe.
At each stage of the journey, animaglyphes choreographed movements of animals in the landscape will be photographed from the air. These aerial views will be used to create a patchwork image of the region as TransHumance follows its course. This raw piece of artwork will be both a personal and a shared experience. Featuring the latest technologies, the images created will be used to develop different poetic voices on a “global stage”, which includes social networks, the
internet, film and multimedia initiatives.
The Centaur, an imaginary, utopian creature incarnating the meeting of man and animal, society and wilderness, humans and nature, will lead this mythical journey.
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Event Organizer
Comité des Fêtes des Bergers et Traditions
Phone : +33 4 42 81 76 00
Divers lieux


Free access.


GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.514789
Longitude : 4.987688
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    • Place Divers lieux
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From Wednesday 08 to Sunday 26 November 2023

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