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Videos / Pics


This summer, Thibault, the creator of Travel Me Happy, a travel blog, came to visit us in Istres. Set off with him to discover our city along a route filled with great encounters. Through these 6 episodes, admire the most beautiful views of Istres and the must-see places when you come.

The historic center and the Provencal market

His Istrean adventure begins in the heart of the old center in the company of Rémi, tour guide. At the bend of pretty fountains and typical alleys of Provence, Thibault strolls around the squares and houses dating from the Middle Ages. To appreciate the landscapes of Istres, head to the belvedere, the culmination of the historic center. It overlooks the city and plunges us into the Étang de l'Olivier and the Etang de Berre.
A whole crown is formed around the old center, it is here that the Provencal market is set up every Tuesday to savor the fresh products of the region. A few steps away, Thibault discovers an unusual park where weird animals live which do justice to contemporary art very present in Istres.

Dinosaur'Istres and the shores of the Olivier pond

The trip continues along the shore of the Olivier pond, in the city center of Istres. Thibault invites you to go back in time and meet dinosaurs, accompanied by Yannick, travel advisor at the Tourist Office. On a 3 km path in the middle of nature, the dinosaurs have taken possession of the hill of Castellan, among the pines. Offering a panoramic view of the Olivier pond, this is one of the best spots to admire the sunset in Istres and take unusual photos. This timeless place offers us an atypical and free visit where we are transported to the era of dinosaurs. This fun outing fascinates the little ones and amazes the grown-ups, it is a must for family outings in Istres.

The olive tree

The shores of the Olivier pond are also the favorite terrain for athletes. Local sports such as pétanque or jousting are practiced by many Istrean amateurs who even organize regional championships. Thibault went to meet the rowers of the Olivier and its president Gerald Moretti. He also rowed around the 50-meter-high water jet while admiring the pond and the surrounding landscapes.

The pond of Berre

Thibault continues his journey along the Berre pond. With Dominique, from the Istres Entressen Canoë Kayak club, Thibault discovers the astonishing Berre pond, its equipped beaches, its wild coves and its Hours Claires port. It is the ideal place to practice many water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing. On the shores or in the water, the sublime landscapes are linked. Both after a lazy or intense day, we can take a break on the terrace, by the lake, to sip a drink or taste the local specialties.

The GR2013 in Istres

For the rest of its journey, Travel Me Happy sets off to explore the GR2013 trail which was created in Marseille Provence, European capital of culture in 2013. Its journey begins at Domaine de l'Olivette, a family olive farm which gives access to the hiking trail. The GR2013 trail runs along the coast of the Etang de Berre and reveals the most beautiful landscapes from the preserved coves to the Provençal scrubland via the paths of Saffre from the Etang de l'Olivier. Continuing his journey through the agricultural lands of Istres, Thibault stops at the Sulauze estate, renowned for its brewery, its herd and its vineyard. A beautiful walk in the heart of Provence.

La Crau and Entressen

For its final stop, Travel Me Happy sets out to meet local producers. In the company of Frédéric Fano, breeder and farmer on the Sulauze estate, he explores the Crau plain, a typical landscape of our region and discovers the local products of Brigitte Chiarisoli from the 3B estate, a market gardener of course in Entressen. To end his trip to Istres, Thibault takes advantage one last time of the beautiful views of the city by attending the mythical sunset over the pond of Entressen.