Ouest étang de Berre, earth of contrast

Istres is the centre for the ‘Istres Ouest Provence’ association of local authorities The highly contrasting landscapes of this region make it beautiful.
From the beaches of the Mediterranean at Fos sur Mer and Port Saint Louis du Rhône to the hilltop villages around the etang de Berre, such as Miramas le Vieux, Grans and Cornilllon-Confoux, passing through the great plain of Crau, you will find unique landscapes to enjoy and relax in, in complete tranquillity. 

Land of contrasts, Ouest Provence offers a wide range of natural and Mediterranean landscapes, a vast coastline and glittering sand and waves. When we think of Ouest Provence, we also think of the Plaine de la Crau area, the Camargue, the Mediterranean, beaches, ponds, pine forests, oak trees, ancient sites, old rocks and a giant harbour. Today, the filmmaking industry is fascinated by the landscapes in this area.

Cities located in western Provence are known to feature their protected old town centres. Ouest Provence is considered one of these time-honoured Provençal towns that knew how to hold on to its traditions, rich land and producers and craftsmen who are passionate about sharing and spreading their expertise.


In a natural and extraordinary setting full of southern Provençal colours and fragrances, tourism goes perfectly hand-in-hand with everyday life.

Information available in the local Tourist Offices :

Office de tourisme et de la culture
Place des Aires
13250 Cornillon-Confoux
Tél./Fax. 04 90 50 43 17

Office de tourisme
30 allées Jean Jaurès
13800 Istres
Tel. O4 42 81 76 00
Fax. 04 42 55 38 96

Office de tourisme
Avenue de Falabrègues
13140 Miramas
Tél. 04 90 58 08 24
Fax. 04 90 42 72 47
Office de tourisme
50, avenue Jean Jaurès
13270 Fos-sur-Mer
Tél.04 42 47 71 96
Fax 04 42 05 27 57
Office de tourisme
Tour Saint Louis
13230 Port-st-Louis-du-Rhône
Tél. 04 42 86 01 21
Fax. 04 42 86 09 77
Office de tourisme
Bd. V. Jauffret
13450 Grans
Tél. 04 90 55 88 92
Fax. 04 90 55 86 27