City 4 flowers


A beautiful town in bloom featuring Mediterranean flowers and plants throughout the entire city. Here, the quality of life comes first, as shown by the “Ville et villages fleuris” (Towns and Villages in Bloom) label received by the town of Istres.

Hills and pine forests surround the city of Istres and the wilderness of the Crau region carries on the agricultural tradition (sheep, fruit, hay).
The city expanded, while leaving an important place for natural areas and parks.

Given 4 flowers by the jury of the “Villes et Village Fleuris” (Towns and Villages in Bloom) label, Istres is rewarded for its efforts in terms of urban planning and environment.

  • Un centre ancien d'Istres fleuri
  • Le kiosque Marie Mauron Istres
  • Des ronds points fleuris à Istres
  • La rocade de l'étang de l'Olivier : lieu de balade
  • Le Jardin Méditerranéen au pied de l'étang de l'Olivier Istres
  • Le Jardin Méditerranéen
  • Le Jardin méditerranéen et le jet d'eau
  • Le Jardin Méditerranéen
  • Une randonnée nature
  • Randonnée sur le pourtour de l'étang de Berre
  • La Plaine de la Crau et ses galets
  • La Plaine de la Crau et ses galets