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Our Visits

Our Visits

The Tourist office of Istres proposes all year round visits. That it is cultural or more unusual, you will learn everything on the history of our beautiful city. Discover the old center or still the Mediterranean garden with a guide. For more information on these strolls and discoveries to be made in a group and in family, contact the OT.
Istrium du sport CEC Les Heures Claires 13800 Istres
Port Des Heures Claires 13800 Istres
The Base Nautique des Heures Claires is located near the harbour of the same name. Witness the strong dynamism of the city in terms of water sports, ...
15 Allée Du bois gentil Les Ecureuils 13800 Istres
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle Etang de l'Olivier 13800 Istres
Allée Des échoppes Halle polyvalente 13800 Istres
Chemin Mas d'Amphoux Entressen 13800 Istres
The Base Nautique of Entressen allows the discovery of many water activities: sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, whitewater swimming, cruising at ...
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle L'oustaou deï Targaïres 13800 Istres
Place Jean Moulin 13800 Istres
Attached to the cinemas and at École Jean Moulin, rooms complex consists of a swimming pool, a dojo and gym. Swimming pool rooms welcome mainly ...
2 Chemin De la combe aux fées OMS Istres 13800 Istres
Rue De l'équerre La Pyramide 13800 Istres
The Bowling of Istres welcomes you in a convivial and family atmosphere. With its 10 computerized bowling alleys you can fully enjoy the game ...