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Urban Discoveries

Urban Discoveries

La Grande Diagonale de Buren

Culture has an important role in the town of Istres, creating a common identity and bringing key values. Therefore, in 2013, art invested public areas during this crucial year. The city focused on urban art with powerful artistic projects that took place throughout the town and directly called out to the people of Istres.

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  • L'Art'Bribus Bardin-218
  • L'Art'Bribus des Arnavaux-219
  • L'Art'Bribus des Bellons-220
  • abris-bus-entressen-mbressy-copier-221
  • L'Art'Bribus du Boucasson-222
  • L'Art'Bribus des Gargouilles-223
  • L'Art'Bribus des Bolles
  • L'Art'Bribus des Salles-225
  • L'Art'Bribus des Mouettes-226
  • L'Art'Bribus du Prepaou-227
  • abris-bus-ranquet-mbressy-copier-228


An artistic and urban experience where world-renowned artists charged the city, giving bus stop stations a whole new look. Several interventions were required to complete these works that considerably enhance the beauty of our public spaces.

Art Zoo Istres - Istres - Parc de l'Olivier - étang


The city called upon Daniel Buren to create a perennial work for the promenade of the new Town Hall, inaugurated in December 2013. The enormous work entitled "La grande Diagonale" (The Large Diagonal) is 160m long with 57 pillars painted yellow on one side, blue on the other and decorated with Daniel Buren’s famous black and white strips.

Oursins flottants - Zanca - étang Olivier - Istres


Two sites in Istres each hold a sign designed by the world-renowned artist, BEN, who is known for his handwriting. These signs were created by a company of Istres during a special collaboration where the artist’s creativity was enhanced by the possibilities provided by different techniques.
The first sign was placed in the Grignan pavilion where we can read "La pensée est libre" (Thought is free) and the second in Marie Mauron square on which the artist wrote "Être soi même" (Be yourself) on one side and "La différence est une chance" (Differences are wonderful opportunities) on the other. These signs are sure to intrigue you and give everyone some room for reflection.

It is also a great opportunity to take a picture of yourself next to these works.