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The pond of Berre & its beaches

The pond of Berre & its beaches

Bigger salty  pond of water of Europe, Etang de Berre fascinates. Today in full rehabilitation, the pond is a place of life favored for istréenns and tourists, in particular in summer season, with nautical activities and fitted out beaches.
Etang de Berre - Ville d'eau - Istres


Extending over 15 500 ha, the pond and its 75 km of circumference don't miss charm. Surrounded with hills limestones of modest height, it is fed with fresh water by the Arc, the Touloubre and the canal of EDF. It is connected with the sea by the canal of Caronte and the canal of Rove. Always, It attracted the people as well as give evidence of it, the excavations of Saint Blaise, the bridge Flavien, the medieval village of Miramas-le-Vieux and the XVIIth surrounding wall of Port-de-Bouc.
From the end of the XIXth, the traditional economy based on the vineyard, the olive tree, the fishing and the salt marshes is upset by the industrialization. The cut between north and south is marked well: the South and the southeast sacrificed a lot to the industrialization, whereas the North and the West preserved a more familiar character where alternate pine forests and cultures.
Its surface is 155 km ² what makes it the biggest internal "sea" of Europe.
Plage Romaniquette Istres


Moreover, long blamed for its pollution due to industrialization of the periphery of the pond, the Etang de Berre has slowly recovered its former uses. The efforts undertaken since several years on the environment and ecology, for example with the creation of an interest group for the rehabilitation of the Etang de Berre (GIPREB) is finally giving positive results. Indeed,the improvement of water quality and salinity permit the return of noble fishes ans fishing in the pond.


Additional evidence of this improvement, the opening of two beaches, which were created in 2010 on the istréen territory for swimming and refreshment, the beach and Romaniquette Ranquet.
Patrolled beaches and offering all the necessary amenities for your comfort, they welcome you from June to September. The quality of bathing water is monitored throughout the summer by the GIPREB.
L'étang de Berre Istres


A dynamic pond! On this vast body of water, it is feasible to practice Many different activities. Indeed, the town of Istres : has a marina of 200 rings and a water sports center on the Sami site, qui Actively Participates in the dynamism of the pond. You can indulge in the joys of water sports: windsurfing, dinghy, catamaran sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, rowing, habitable.

Water rides are aussi Organized in summer by the Tourist Office Introduce to you in more detail in this pond complex history.
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