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Ports & Boating center

Ports & Boating center

The marina of Hours Claire shelters bars and restaurants which will allow you to cross  a pleasant outside moment feet in the water or almost... The port is also estimated for its festivities: water festival, nautical fleas(chips), block parties...
The port of Olivier welcomes you for strolls aboard boats solar-powered photovolcaique on the pond of Olivier.

At the Hours Claire and Entressen, a boating center also welcomes you, clubs practising nautical activities there. That you are a follower of veil(sail), windsurfing board, kayak of sea, hydrospeed, cruise at sea or kayak, Istres will know how to satisfy you.
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Port Des Heures Claires 13800 Istres
The Base Nautique des Heures Claires is located near the harbour of the same name. Witness the strong dynamism of the city in terms of water sports, ...
Esplanade Charles De Gaulle Etang de l'Olivier 13118 Istres
Chemin Mas d'Amphoux Entressen 13800 Istres
The Base Nautique of Entressen allows the discovery of many water activities: sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, whitewater swimming, cruising at ...
Port Des Heures Claires 13800 Istres
Port of craft over 200 rings. Facing East, the plateau of hours clear back-to-back, this site houses a nautical base to practice sailing and ...