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Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens



A very beautiful flowering that favors the Mediterranean species, extended over the whole of a city where the quality of life is a priority, such is the report of the label of the towns and villages in bloom on the city of Istres. In fact, in Istres, the hills and pine forests surround the city and the wild land of Crau perpetuates the agricultural tradition (sheep, fruits, hay). The city has expanded while leaving a preponderant place for natural areas and parks.

Labeled 4 flowers by the jury of the label "Cities and villages in bloom", Istres is rewarded for its efforts in urban planning and environment.

Discover all the walks and hikes in the city.
Le Jardin Méditerranéen au pied de l'étang de l'Olivier Istres


Located near the chapel Saint Sulpice and overlooking the pond Olivier, the Mediterranean garden was developed in 1997 by the service of Green Spaces of the city of Istres. It presents a hundred varieties of plants and shrubs around the Mediterranean.
Driving element of our label 4 flowers of towns and villages in bloom, the Mediterranean garden offers a place of new and ideal walk. When the good weather arrives, do not hesitate to stroll in this garden which offers a superb panorama on the pond of the Olive tree and its jet of water. With more than 100 species coming from around the Mediterranean, the garden located near the pond of the Olive tree and the chapel Saint Sulpice, offers a plant frame of first plan. An ideal setting for family outings.

Visits can be scheduled by the tourist office on request, with a botanical specialist.


The Art'Animaux have invaded the park of the Olivier at the edge of the pond of the Olive tree and its jet of water ! Come discover an unusual and artistic world in the heart of the city in the immediate vicinity of one of the jewels of our beautiful city: the pond of Olivier.
The desks already bring you a lot of information but you can go even further in the experience with your smartphone. QR codes like NFC tags allow you to continue the adventure.


Dinosaur'Istres is an exceptional site with about twenty species represented "full size" along a route following their chronological appearance on earth, accompanied by explanatory panels on each species and on general themes. Dinosaur'Istres, offers both a fun and informative walk for young and old.
The site of the Castellan, which has been completely preserved, also offers a diversity and a wealth of Mediterranean flora which will be an additional discovery for visitors.
L'herbe de la Crau


La Plaine de la Crau, which delimits the city to the north, is a major part of the flauristic and faunistic singularities of the city. Indeed, the Crau Plain is an arid steppe of the Bouches du Rhône department, the only steppe biome in Western Europe, which makes it a unique place.
The Crau plain is home to nearly ¾ of the bird species present on French territory, including a migration route, which makes it once again an ideal place for bird discovery and contemplation.

The extensive grazing of herds of sheep has created over the centuries a specific vegetation: the Coussoul, now fragmented and reduced, constituting dry Crau. The northern part of the Crau, forms the wet Crau, which gives a reputed hay, the first fodder to have obtained an AOC, the hay of Crau.


The Craponne canals were used to cultivate the northern part of the Crau plain, including the cultivation of the famous Crau hay. Typical of the Provençal culture, the Crau hay is the only non-food product labeled AOC. The hay bales are surrounded by a red and white lanyard that makes them stand out.

Extremely renowned for its nutritional value, it is a natural food that is palatable, nutritious, balanced and rich in minerals. Indeed, it has exceptional food values: rich in mineral matter, low in crude fiber, which leads to an increase in digestibility, calcium richness, magnesium content, rich in sodium which partly explains its appetite and still has a good sulfur content ... A product that is the pride of our breeders and our territory.

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This 22-hectare park is a true recreation center with its pine forest, children's playground, football field, skate park Jonathan Dehecq and its open access tennis courts located on the other side of the park. A high quality skatepark, which makes it one of the best in the region according to specialists. An ideal place for families and young people.

The pinewood of the 4 winds

The pine forest of 4 winds is a nature area of ​​6 ha, ideal for sports outings: running, cycling and mountain biking, fitness ...
Since 2015, an interactive sports course has emerged in the middle of the pines. A reception area consisting of outdoor fitness equipment awaits you to begin cardiovascular exercises, bodybuilding or stretching. Then, after having recovered well, it is a loop embellished with apparatus of agility, to realize while walking or running, which will be presented to you. Interactive kiosks will guide you in your sporting approach, as well as discover exceptional natural and cultural heritage through short videos.
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