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Others ponds in Istres

Others ponds in Istres


The Étang de Rassuen is a small brackish body of water that covers 15 ha with salt marshes surrounding its surface area of 40ha. Used for salt farming and then by the fertilizer plant (closed in 1989), the Étang de Rassuen is now classified as a natural protected area (ZNP), in an important area for the conservation of birds (ZICO), and a natural area of ecological interest for its plant and wildlife (ZNIEFF).
A pastoral site full of remarkable plants and wildlife.

Istres ville d'eau étang de rassuen

ÉTANG DE LAVALDUC (or the pink pond)

With a surface area of 240 ha, the Étang de Lavalduc is rich in salt water.
It gets its pink colour from the large number of small crustaceans living in its waters and reveals a wide range of incredible ecological treasures: white stilts, great spotted cuckoo, pink flamingos, etc.

To feature these two ponds, the town set up a walking loop. Go for a pleasant walk or admire a site that was awarded the "remarkable trees of France” label.