Boating on the etang de l’Olivier

From the Olivier Marina, you can discover the etang de l’Olivier, a highlight in Istres, on an innovate trip on the water.
Le Port de l'Olivier - étang de l'Olivier - Jet d'eau - Istres
Faithful to its tourist and family vocation, the pond of Olivier takes up with family attractions on its banks. This summer, discover the pond by boat solar and navigate in the middle of swans, according to your desires.

Closing of the port of l'Olivier until July 2018.


The port of Olivier allows Istréens, tourists and vacationers to walk on the pond aboard these electric boats of leisure, equipped with solar and thus autonomous panels in energy. The people with reduced mobility can reach it easily.
The opportunity to discover the pond and its highest fountain (water jet) of France. You can also discover Daniel Zanca's floating sea urchins, visual artist.
Pédalos sur l'étang de l'Olivier

Photovoltaic boats environment-friendly

The fleet consists of 12 boats " SunSeaRider " (4 boats of 4 places and 2 boats of 8 places), easy to pilot because no licence is required. These boats are totally non-polluting. They are accessible to the people with reduced mobility.
"SunSeaRider" is golden medal of the competition Lépine on 2013. Its electric motorization, its park of batteries and his photovoltaic sensors, allow the boats SunSeaRiders to offer an excellent compromise between speed and autonomy, while respecting the environment. On the market of the small electric ships, the performances of SunSeaRiders are today unequalled.


 3/4 places

5/7 places

Complete fleet (4 bateaux ¾ places et 2 bateaux 5/7 places)

30 minutes




1 Hour




2 Hours




Practical information of The Port of Olivier :

Opening from March.
- Mars - April-May: opening to the public all the weekends, the holidays and during the school holidays (Regional education authority of Aix-Marseille) of 10 hours(am) à12h and from 2 pm till 5 pm
- In June-July-August-September: opening to the public 7 days sur7 from 10:30 am till 7:30 pm
- In October: opening to the public all the weekends, the holidays and during the school holidays (Zone B: Regional education authority of Aix-Marseille) from 10 am till 12 am and from 2 pm till 5 pm.

Closure of the site from November till February.

Phone :
  • Le Port de l'Olivier - Istres - étang de l'olivier - Jet d'eau
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  • Le Port de l'Olivier - Istres - étang de l'olivier
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  • Port de l'Olivier - Istres - Jet d'eau
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