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Created in 1993, thanks to the persistence of Colonel Dalga, featuring the museum of traditions, which after many twists and turns was set up on air force base 125. The museum was thus named after its designer.

A non-profit organisation under the French law of 1901, this base has the following objectives:
- protect the aeronautical heritage of Istres
- gather everything that is directly or indirectly related to the local aeronautical culture and history
- organise information and training through conferences, tours, etc.
- run a media library in charge of activities/animation
- display past and present techniques and technologies
- get involved in projects and initiatives regarding the world of civil engineering and military aviation
- promote aeronautical sciences, techniques and research.

When taking a look at these objectives, we understand why the members of the conservatory are all passionate civil and military volunteers, who look toward the future by relying on the past.

Tours of the museum of traditions are organised by members of the CPAI, especially as part of the "Un Été à Istres" (A Summer in Istres)” holiday pass.