Corrida: Miguel Ángel Perera - Juan Leal - Clemente

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Saturday 17 June 2023

at 18:00

Location : Espace festif le Palio


An exciting cartel because the rivalry will be there with the great debut of Perera, the return of Leal and a Clemente in a state of grace.
The Jandilla return to Istres. Logical after last year's excellent bullfight.
Miguel Ángel Perera is a maestro who has been recognized for several years now, but who has never fought in Istres. It will be the presentation of the one who is close to perfection when he fights, supported by an exemplary technique.
technique. When we know that one of his favorite farms is Jandilla, we think that on the sand of the Palio, the bullfighter "extremeño" could write a new historical page.
He will not be alone in his desire to shine, because Juan Leal never gives up. We realized it in Albacete and in Nîmes last year. His courage and his toreo, which is refined from season to season, has seduced the aficionados.
We are delighted to see him again at the Palio, he who had made the gesture in 2020 to face alone 6 toros for a noble cause and, moreover, for free.
Finally, "Clemente" will be the third matador and his story is also touching. Starting from nothing, here is a boy who knew how to mature and question himself after a real crossing of the desert. 2022 will have been a new start
with a new professional environment. At each of his bullfights, he will be unanimously acclaimed. The public is still surprised to discover this new French matador full of quality. He will have earned his inclusion in our feria thanks to
his triumph last October in front of the tough toros of the Curé de Valverde.
Event Organizer
Espace festif le Palio
Phone : +33 4 42 02 48 30
Espace festif le Palio
Boulevard Jean Jacques Prat
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    • French


Adult: from 20 €.


Boulevard Jean Jacques Prat
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.508056
Longitude : 4.987408
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