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Sports facilities

Complexe Sportif René Davini

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The complex sportif René Davini, located near the stadium Auguste Audibert, consists of 6 clay tennis courts and a short resin including a short central with 400 seats, 4 courts covered in dirt with a central with a forum of 100 seats, 4 squash courts, but also a club house and meeting rooms on a set of 15 000 sq ft.Equipment that fit into the sporty identity of the city, by offering to the Istreennes and Istreens, members of clubs an advanced tool adapted to the evolution of the sport at Istres.
Directions to :
Route De la cabane noire
Plaine des sports
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.4848884
Longitude : 4.9820409
Entrance (Access to the indoor tennis courts) Adult 7.00€
Entrance (Access outside tennis court) Adult 5.00€
Entrance (Rate student for tennis and squash.) Student 4.00€
Entrance (Access to the squash court) Adult 5.00€
Subscription (Map of individual access for 30 sessions of squash (45 min) or tennis (1 hour): 150 euros) Subscriber 150.00€
Complexe Sportif René Davini
Route De la cabane noire
Plaine des sports
Phone : +33 4 42 30 74 30