Istremont et Château de Couloumé



The holiday resort of Istremont is located at the heart of the region of Haut Buëch, at the foot of the Dévoluy Mountains near two ski resorts (Super Devoluy and Joue du Loup) in a small town called Saint Pierre d'Argençon, known since the dawn of time for its hospitality and “Font-Vineuse” (mineral water spring, called the “Wonder of Dauphiné”. Holiday resort of the city of Istres, it is nevertheless open to all visitors (groups, families, private individuals) as well as social centres and associations of neighbouring towns.

For many years, students of Istres have been going to Istremont for “classes environnement” (educational classes on sustainable development) or trips organised by the educational activities department during school holidays thanks to its 2 building and 139 beds.

Built on 8 hectares of land and equipped with playing fields, a swimming pool and an equestrian centre, Istremont is an exclusive place for spending holidays, playing sports, relaxing and discovering outdoor activities and nature.
Istremont is also a great spot for discovering the mountains, the rich plant life and the wide range of beautiful bodies of water.

Le Château de Couloume


Owned by the city of Istres since 1983, Château de Couloumé welcomes summer camps, nature classes, people on sports or business trips and senior citizens on special organized outings from the town of Istres and other regions of France.

Located in Plaisance-du-Gers, at the intersection between Landes, the Pyrenees, Béarn, at the heart of Gascogne near the birthplace of Artagnan, Château du Couloumé will be more than happy to host you!

With approximately 75 beds for both children and adults in guestrooms and small dormitories, the centre is “Jeunesse et Sports” (Youth and Sports) approved and certified by France’s National Education Department. Classrooms, areas for activities, meetings, conferences and recreation, offices, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, and sports field are just a few possibilities offered in this beautiful green setting.
The interior of the château is specifically designed for your comfort and convenience: Museum of Agriculture, old-fashion classroom, vegetable garden, information on nature watching, mountain biking and a catalogue of resources to fully enjoy your stay in Plaisance-du-Gers (monument tours, educational projects on fortified towns, the environment, astronomy, horse riding, etc.)

An exclusive setting in a beautiful park stretching across 6 hectares of land, a healthy and abundant family cuisine using fresh products from our own garden, a friendly and festive atmosphere, affordable prices through its socially-oriented mission and the pure fresh air of the countryside all make this area the ideal place for a wide range of plans and projects. Come let us help you create yours…

Or simply come and discover the "la cour du Comte" (The Count’s Courtyard), a beautiful oval courtyard of the Château, built by Comte de Montesquiou for his ladylove, the dream of all women during those days.

Château de Couloumé - Mondébat
32 160 Plaisance-du-Gers
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 09 29 07
Fax: +33 (0)5 62 09 29 40

Route (from Istres) towards Château de Couloumé > 489km



Information / Booking:
Mairie d'Istres, “Séjours & Classes d'Environnement” Department
Jean Jacques LUCCHINI:
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 55 59 30 - +33 (0)6 45 68 89 93 
Fax: + (0)4 42 55 58 90


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  • Le Château de Couloume
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