16th edition of arts éphémères - Water games

Cultural Exhibition Visual/graphic arts Contemporary art Generic event

From Thursday 13 June to Wednesday 10 July 2024

Every day

Location : Etang de l'Olivier


Guillaume Barth, Ghyslain Bertholon and Laurent Valera conceived their work as a journey along the banks of the Etang de l'Olivier in Istres.
Each year, POLARIS reinvents its ephemeral arts project in line with a given theme, looking for a location that will fit in with the project's theme, allowing it to take over the public space and its environment.

This season, the Transformed theme echoes the Cultural Olympiad.

A mirror environment, water and its states, L'eau est pour nous,
object of culture: is it by chance that "culture" comes from the Latin
comes from the Latin "colare, cultus", meaning "to flow"?
Water, by virtue of its symbolism, is a predominant element in art. Water intimately permeates the sensibilities and representations that underpin our individual and collective identities. It has a universal influence on the living world and the human activities that depend on it.

Polaris presents ephemeral installations on the pond, with original
original productions financed specifically for this event.

These contemporary sculptures showcase the diversity of techniques such as water misting, mirror work, resin casting, wrought iron...
Event Organizer
Polaris - Centre d'Art
Phone : +33 4 42 55 17 10
Etang de l'Olivier
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    • French


Free of charge.


GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.516548
Longitude : 4.994661
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    • Etang de l'Olivier Place