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Istres - Feria - Corrida - Ville taurine

For the past 10 years, the now famous “Feria” of Istres bullfighting event has been taking place in the ultra modern arenas of Le Palio, which were inaugurated in 2001. Built in the same place where the former public arenas were originally located, this plaza welcomes today’s best bullfighters during the month of June for the remarkable bullfighting event. An excellent programme worthy of the finest French “Ferias”, making Istres an exceptional bullfighting town.
This annual event of Istres gradually establishes itself a little bit more every year: complete posters ("no hay billetes"), famous groups and a city that beats to the rhythm of the “penas” and “bandas” for an entire weekend. It is truly one of the most popular annual events that goes above and beyond the performances of the arenas.


The 2016 “Feria” will take place on 17, 18 and 19 June. It will once again be a high-level event with “corridas” (bullfights) and the best bullfighters.

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  • Istres - Feria - Ville taurine
  • Istres - Feria - Ville taurine
  • Istres - Feria - Ville taurine
  • Istres - Feria - Ville taurine
  • Istres ville de tradition
  • Istres - corrida- Feria - Ville taurine
  • Le Palio arénes d'Istres - Istres - Feria - Ville taurine
  • Corrida - Istres - Feria - Ville taurine
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